FOSS Field Trip

This post is related to my participation in the POSSE 2015 Stage 1 Part B activity “FOSS Field Trip”. I chose to explore open source projects related to healthcare. 2490 projects on Sourceforge matched the search with keyword “healthcare”. These projects used 15 programming languages were used; Java, PHP, C++, and JavaScript were the most used. I compared two projects OpenMRS, whose status is Production/Stable, and Digit Span Tester, whose status is Inactive. As expected, there was much higher activity and a larger code base associated with OpenMRS.

I into YAWL in a bit more detail. YAWL provides support for modeling and managing workflows. Two major audiences of YAWL are most likely people who deal with business processes and people who deal with healthcare processes. YAWL is primarily written in Java and the last changes seem to have been made this week. The project seems pretty active based on the recency and the frequency of commits.

In another activity part of the “FOSS Field Trip” I evaluated the OpenMRS project for  suitability to use as a class project. Here is the rubric with “Mission Critical Criteria” filled out:

Evaluation of OpenMRS

OpenMRS is a potential candidate project for a course on software engineering in healthcare that I am developing. It is related to a class module on electronic health records. Furthermore, the primary programming language used is Java, which is the main language in our curriculum. OpenMRS scored high on my evaluation using the rubric above.